Laying in a field of wild flowers with a gentle breeze keeping them in a transfixed dance a whisper of a sound is heard a sickly sweet voice beckoning and calling but where does the voice come from? It calls again louder and suddenly the flower dance is still and a deathly silence fills the […]

Speed trails

When am high up in the sky sitted on the clouds of confused fumes from down below I tend to think and wonder what a way of life I ¬†which we live in, is reality truly real or an illusion,it’s tough to know ¬†when the society we live in has everyone tuned to its own […]


A blinding light on my vision trying to illuminate the objects I am trying to pierce, hands shaking and heart drumming beads of sweat obscuring my vision a life,a soul on the brink of extinction,a small cry of pain as the needle penetrates the skin looking for a sign of life not sure if am […]


Walking down a narrow path,with nothing but a hallow past. Fear of the unknown ahead,unready unprepared, unwilling Criticized, controlled ,suffocated,enslaved all in the name of being taught to be an empress Made slave to the decisions and insecurities of the mind Like a cow taken to the slaughter Brought forth as the winning sacrifice at […]